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Ready to time travel?

The world’s largest WWII Tank Event June 2012

On 23rd & 24th June 2012 Dorchester, Dorset is going to see the largest collection of World War II tanks and armoured vehicles since WW2 descend upon it for the weekend. The event just prior to the Olympics, in a fascinating historical recreation called Armour & Embarkation. All the drivers and their crew will be dressed in full WWII uniforms. Not only will the public get to see tanks up close, they will be able to hear them and get to see time travel first hand.

Without doubt it is going to be the event of 2012 as it will be the first time ever that such a number of original WWII tanks will have been assembled in Dorset since the end of the war – up to twenty tanks and over fifty WWII vehicles, will be driving into Dorchester town exactly as they did on the build up to D-Day. Dorset was one of the major marshalling areas and embarkation counties, it played a major part in the buildup of the execution of D-Day and the liberation Nazi occupied Europe.

Dorset was a major embarkation county for the US army men and their equipment. They left through Weymouth and Portland – the destination was the infamous ‘bloody Omaha’ beach. This was brought to the public attention once more in the Steven Spielberg’s Hollywood film, Saving Private Ryan. The event is to commemorate events that shaped the world and the men who came from a foreign country, passed through our county – to never return. These guys and their footprints are now, just memories. I am not prepared to let them be forgotten. This will be the first time many veterans have seen this sight since WWII and may be their last too as sadly,  we are losing them every single day.

Our main media sponsor is the Dorset Echo, who will be promoting the event throughout Dorset. We will have the local TV networks covering the event for their news as it is so unique. We are expecting to attract 10,000 people into Dorchester on the Saturday to come and see our arrival and to learn more about their past. On the Sunday we are driving to Weymouth to take part in their Veterans Parade which attracts in excess of 30,000 people. A DVD is also being produced

We have applied for Heritage Funding and are also getting sponsorship from local companies The Chamber of Commerce and Dorchester BID (Business Improvement District) are also supporting the event.

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in an event that will be talked about for years to come and a great chance to exploit the buildup of the Olympics here in Dorset. The world’s media will already be here.

 Sponsorship package’s include

A very unique opportunity to take part in the weekend’s events.  –  To ride, on the road, in a full armoured convoy in a very rare WWII tank.

Advert/branding in the event program – 10,000 being printed

Banner advert on events website (including on affiliate websites)

Personal photographer for the weekend for corporate pictures

Name on all event signage

Company literature in the weekends goodie bags