Veteran’s Day parade Weymouth.
The convoy will be split in two. Convoy 1, will be made up of a maximum of 10 tanks. Convoy 2 will be the remaining 30 vehicles, which will consist of armour – halftracks, Bren Gun Carriers, M20 scout cars and heavy and light vehicles – MAC No’s, GMC’s, Jeeps, Dodges, High Speed Tractors, Diamond T’s. Both convoys will have an accompanying numbers of motorbike outriders to marshal the traffic and get both convoys safely to their destination.

Convoy 1
08:30. Convoy 1 will leave basecamp and travel to Weymouth (6 miles) to take part in the Weymouth’s Veterans Parade. We will marshal up in Littlemore’s carpark at 09:30 along with 80 other military vehicles from around the UK (we have to be there for this time as after 09:30 the Police shut off the roads to all traffic). There is a café there for breakfast, coffee etc.
11:00 am. All the 90 vehicles will leave the carpark together and form up on the main road. Once all the marching veterans and bands have finished, the whole convoy will then drive down and long Weymouth seafront (1 mile) which will be lined with thousands of flag waving people. We will give our nod/salute to the Mayor as we pass the VIP stand. We will then park up behind the Weymouth pavilion and wait for the crowds to disperse.
13:00. Our convoy of 10 tanks will leave and head towards the rendezvous point and meet up with Convoy 2 for lunch (we have yet to decide where that will be but we may be asked back into Dorchester town).
15:00. Both convoys head back to basecamp (6 miles) and that will then be the end of Armour and Embarkation 2016.

Convoy 2
11:00. Will leave basecamp and travel to local pub (within 10 miles) for lunch and to await the arrival of Convoy 1 from Weymouth.

With many uniquely nostalgic, social and commemorative experiences together with attractions, Weymouth and Portland is the ideal location for one of Britain’s largest Veteran’s Festival. Here’s a wonderful video of the parade click here

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