– is ARMOUR day.

10 am. Leave basecamp in full convoy and travel to the Tank Museum (12 miles) for 13:00 for the awaiting members of the public. The convoy will do a circuit of the show ring and commentary will be given by the Tank Museum. The whole tank and vehicle convoy will then park up so that members of the public can come and see the vehicles and talk with the crews. The Museum will be providing catering trailers/vans so that the crews can buy their lunch and coffee – refreshments. The crews will also have access to the museum so that they can have a look around.
15:00. We will then leave in full convoy and travel to the county town of Dorchester (12 miles) and plan to get there at 17:00 and to park up for the public to come and see the vehicles.
17:00. To lead the Dorchester Carnival procession in a full circuit of the town, the streets will be lined with people.
18:00. Once we have done the circuit we will say goodbye to the town and head back to basecamp (5 miles). That is the day’s convoys over. There will be a hog roast for all of those that are part of the event and press guys.
20:00. The villagers are holding a 40’s dance in the village hall. Those that want to, can attend. For the rest, the evening is free to do as they please, maintenance checks on their tanks and sit around the camp fires…sleep.




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